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The busy season!

I wanted to add this in here xx

I adore and appreciate all my lovely clients. Especially my special regulars who absolutely spoil me and the lovely kind men who treat me with the upmost respect even though they have a tight budget.

If you are rude, disrespectful, waste my time, hurt me, undermine me, rip me off or stand me up with no explanation, there will be no further contact from me!

I am extremely easy going, fun and sweet with the right treatment. I am happy to negotiate on some points but definitely not on others. If you are not treating me right, your out. End of story.

I am a single mother (which is a full time job) I get no assistance, no co-parenting. I work my arse off to support my kid. If you rip me off your ripping off my family and I will no longer be the nice, sweet girl I am usually with clients.

The last few months and the next coming up are going to be extremely busy for me. I appreciate your patience and understanding in this time.

Much love, Amber xxx

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