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Deposits are non refundable.

I may ask for a deposit for a long booking, a tour booking, or a booking that may require me to adjust my schedule for you.

I request a 10% deposit but may request a higher deposit for a longer booking or outcall travel expenses.

If for whatever reason (my fault) our booking can not go ahead, I will keep your deposit to go towards our next booking together (within 3 months) 

If you need to cancel then I require 24 hours notice for pre-bookings and 2 hours short notice bookings. If notice is not given then your deposit is forfeited, unless we have a prior agreement. 

If you are request an outcall where I have to travel more than 15kms from my incall location, I will require a deposit travel fee.
Deposits are via Beem, Payid, Credit Card payment (all credit card payments are discreet with D.G.S.G.M showing up on your statement)

I do not accept paypal or bank transfer. A deposit (when required) needs to be paid at least 3 hours before your booking start time, unless travel in more then 30mins, then 5 hours notice to receive your deposit as a credit for a future bookingxxx

In person, I accept all forms of payment including credit card, debit card, cash, Beem, PayID xx

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A booking will be stopped, paused, offered alternative services or I will ask you to leave if:
You arrive drunk, high, intoxicated, or aggressive and rude.
If you do not comply with screening (picture/ID) when asked for, do not have the correct cash or no cash.

Try to downgrade your booking on arrival or arrive with less than the fee. You will need to pay the cost of the booking time you confirmed before arrival.

If you are pushy, rough, argue about price or what I offer, do not listen to me/listen when I ask you to stop doing something.If you try to remove the condom, break the condom, do remove the condom, or anything else not previously discussed and paid for before the booking begins. 

Have signs of an STI ( this is at my discretion and is my decision)
Arrive sick/unwell, or have symtoms of flu/cold etc. Not previously mentioned. 

If you harm or attempt to harm me.
Try to or have present hidden cameras to record or photograph our session.

Ask for services I do not offer repeatedly and don't take no for an answer! 

Thank you for understanding! Xxx

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Contact and Work Hours

I am available for Digital Services (subject to availability) or msg or phone calls (to confirm bookings) on:

Monday - Friday:
10am - 3pm  
10am - 11am or 10pm -11pm 

I will return all messages/phone calls with in 4 hours or by 11am the next work day. 

I am happy to make last minute bookings on days I am scheduled to do incalls (updated daily as needed)

Disrespectful or rude messages will not get a response other than generic.

As I only have limited time for Digital Services and am attempting to expand my collection of videos and photos etc. I do have a lot on offer just yet. Please be patient with me. I'll update as often as possible xxxx

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